Sound Check!  Audio Analysis Area...

Upload your audio samples here for an objective sound quality evaluation.

NOTICE:  There is often a 2+ week wait time for complimentary evaluations due to workload.  If you need time-sensitive service, please call 310-584-7798 and choose Option 0 to speak to a representative or book a service from our "Services" menu and choose the "RUSH" option during checkout.


You can also try this service, the Edge Home Studio Checkup.


Rather than send us email attachments that clog our email inbox, or get stuck in cyberspace, please send us your audio files here.  

Files must have the following criteria for complimentary evaluation:

1-  List your audio equipment, computer model, and recording software version a text file and include it with your audio file(s), zipped (archived) together.  Filename must start with your name. 
Photos and videos of studio also accepted.

 2- At least MP3 Mono 128 kbps, AIFF, or WAV

3- Your DRY VOICE ONLY, no music/effects added (unless you want us to judge your production skills)

4- No longer than 60 seconds per sample (unless otherwise requested)

5- 5-10 seconds of room tone at the beginning or end of the read so we can hear the room tone.  No shuffling, sighing, moving, anything but the air in the room.


Please be patient as we sometimes receive a lot of files, but we promise George will get through each and every one during his limited office hours! 

If you need time-sensitive service, please purchase a service credit.

Upload your files below by typing in your email address and clicking "Upload Files".


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George Whittam treats his hearing very seriously and gets his hearing tested by the House Ear Institute yearly.

Click the document below and see how well he's protected his precious ears.  You'll know that what he hears is what is really in your recording!