"Pro Tools is giving me error messages!"
"Clients say my audio sounds bad!" 
"I hear an echo in my headphones
and it sounds distorted!"
Time for upgrades? 
Thinking of building a studio?  
Need those auditions to sound more professional?
Just bought Pro Tools but find it too complex and need training?

You need George!

 Book support now!



We will help you improve the quality of your recordings, often without even setting foot in your home!  George Whittam's golden ears and over 15 years pro-audio experience as an engineer and technician will walk you through the processes of improving your studio's acoustics, tweaking your signal chain, dialing in EQ, and smoothing out your workflow so you can get more work finished in less time.  Yes, we mean MAKE MORE MONEY!


Take a listen to what our clients say about our support services: 

Again I have to thank you for your tremendous support in helping me with my stacks in Twisted Wave.  You have saved me an incredible amount of time in editing my audio tracks, especially when it comes to lengthy narrations. I now have the time to do even more VO gigs!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are my hero! 





We support Source Connect Now!!  Let us hear your voice in studio quality during your support session at no additional cost to you via our guest portal.


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